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Monday, January 25, 2016

Bloomberg ineligible

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is rattling his chains about entering the 2016 presidential race should it come down to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. While he would meet the minimum age requirement, which apparently was raised to 70 this year (Trump turns 70 on June 14), Bloomberg was not born in New York City, unlike Sanders and Trump, Bloomberg was born in Boston.

Just call me a Surberther.


  1. Not that that makes him any better. Or noticeably worse.

  2. New York is brassy, Boston is a cultured city. That's why Trump is Trump and Bloomberg is Bloomberg. They are as different as their birth places.

    1. A cultured still a fascist. I LIKE big drinks.

    2. As a former Bostonian, I was just riffing on Boston values versus New York values. The intercity competition goes beyond sports to culture. It's more than Tom Brady versus Eli Manning.