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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

108,046,300 reasons why Jeb won't drop out

Tonight, six men will take the stage for the seventh Republican presidential debate. Only two of them have a shot at it -- Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, in that order. If Fox News really wanted to screw Donald Trump, they would have told the others to take a hike and have Cruz and Rubio battle it out. That would have knocked the wind out of Trump's sails, but he goes sailing along because the press still does not get him.

The rest are pathetic also-rans, none of whom average 10 percent in the polls nationally, which at this point in the modern nomination process is a death sentence. It is January, not June. The last time any of them was above the political Mendoza Line was Ben Carson on December 7. Of the rest, only Jeb Bush was ever in the double digits, most recently on August 26.

Their presidential ambitions are a joke.

On paper, they looked good a year ago.

But the reality is, the largely self-funded Donald Trump tromped them. He stomped them. He entered the room and sucked all the air out of it, like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and Jack Kennedy before him.

So why are they hanging on?


The suckers are still donating money. As long as the checks come in, they will stay in the race, shelling out money to political consultants, pollsters and ad men. And boy, do these candidates have money. The latest figures available are two months old, but let us look at them.

Jeb Bush had $108,046,300 cash on hand.

Chris Christie $12,779,044.

Ben Carson $12,241,845.

Carly Fiorina $7,510,740.

Rand Paul $6,419,560.

Mike Huckabee $4,030,885.

To be fair, John Kasich was $2 million in the hole, but he must be raking money since then, as he has hung in there.

You know how much money Trump had? Just $254,773 cash on hand. He's largely funding his own campaign.

Now I know I lose readers when I say anything nice about Trump. People think I have lost it, and truth be told, I lost it years ago. But I must tell the truth. The people I mentioned are professional politicians. Yes, that includes Dr. Carson and Mrs. Fiorina. They sell themselves to donors -- not their principles, I am not saying they are sellouts. But they are Willy Lomans, selling the smile on their face and the shine on their shoes.

So are Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

But the difference is those three are selling themselves to the public. The rest are selling themselves to donors. And as long as the donors are paying for the Bubble Up, they will continue drinking with them. What has created Trump and Bernie Sanders is this Politics Incorporated game.


  1. It's all about the money, boys! ... O Brother, Where Art Thou? - Elric

  2. Brother, can you spare a $million?

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  4. Jeb should have never entered the race. We don't do royalty in America.

    No, Don, I agree, Trump is not a politician. He's a man who inherited a few hundred million and turned it into a few billion, sometimes by totally screwing his business partners, others by declaring bankruptcy and paying creditors pennies on the dollar. He is worse than a professional politician, IMHO, he is a slimy shyster, a con artist, and a showman. None of those things make him the right guy to be POTUS in my opinion, no more than a similar self-loving community organizer from Chicago.

    The Trumpsters are on board because of one issue, immigration. Trump is making a bunch of promises on immigration he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever keeping. Folks who think we are suddenly going to round up 11 million illegals or whatever the number is, and deport them, are living in a freaking dream world. It ain't happenin'!

    On my list of problems America has right now, illegal immigration is no higher then fourth or fifth. We are lost in the wilderness, but Donald Trump sure as the sun comes up in the east is not Moses.

    1. Excessive use of logic, reason, and evidence is confirmation that you do not properly understand o appreciate DonJohn.


    2. "sometimes by totally screwing his business partners, others by declaring bankruptcy and paying creditors pennies on the dollar."

      We've already been over this matter before in a much earlier post, and the criticism is bogus. That doesn't mean you are wrong in your overall criticism of him, or that I disagree with what you say about his fitness to be president, but his past business practices are not deserving of any special opprobrium. Those who made deals with Trump knew EXACTLY what they were getting into. They knowingly took the risk, and they paid the price.

    3. While immigration has held center stage for the majority of the time he has been in the spot light, it is not his main draw. Other than his determination, he does not differ that greatly from the position of several of the other candidates. Contrary to the story, there will be no great deportation. The ones here will be made to become legal, and those who are criminals, here or abroad will be shown the door. Those ho work will go through the same process as any others who become legal. In short, the law will be enforced. Trump has admitted to hiring illegals for many projects. When he does though, he has done the leg work to make them legal.
      What he is saying that people like is 1. Repeal Obozo hell care. 2. Stop TPTA. 3. Stop the debt spiral.
      He is the only one of the bunch who has run a business. He has not been caught talking out both sides of his mouth like all the others, not has he been caught in a situation where he does exactly the opposite of what he said.
      People are sick and tired of the Big money fat cats, and chamber of communists controlling the politicians we the people elected from our state to represent us. Pat Robber is supposed to be representing Kansas, not Wall Street. Same for the rest of em.