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Monday, December 28, 2015

Um, Jeb-heads, no. It ain't a-gonna happen

The headline in the Palm Beach Post was pathetic:
Jeb Bush visits West Palm Beach as supporters hope for turnaround
Sorry, folks, but the Great Pumpkin is going to be a no show, again, this year for him.

Florida state Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, said, “You don’t run for president in the nation all at once. You run state by state. I’m very encouraged by the momentum he has in New Hampshire.”

But the plum state is Florida, which is winner take all. The former governor of Florida is behind Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.


  1. Little Lindsey Graham had no chance in his home state of South Carolina and Jeb! has no chance in his home state of Georgia. Why the Gentry GOP thought Republican voters would want another Bush shows just how out of touch they are. These are the same people who gave us two losers like Johnny Maverick McRINO and Mittens Romneycare.