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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Triple Pulitzer columnist reduced to screaming UNAMERICAN

Thomas Friedman won the Pulitzer Prize for columnist three times. His response to 9/11 was breathtaking: We have to have alternative energy.

In fact, that is his response to everything. Alternative energy. Alternative energy. Alternative energy.

Until today. Now Mister Friedman has taken it upon himself to determine what is and what is not American.
I liked him better when he repeated alternative energy in column after column after column like the poor wino who mutters to himself while walking down the street.

His column:
Two weeks ago, I was in Kuwait participating in an I.M.F. seminar for Arab educators. For 30 minutes, we discussed the impact of technology trends on education in the Middle East. And then an Egyptian education official raised his hand and asked if he could ask me a personal question: “I heard Donald Trump say we need to close mosques in the United States,” he said with great sorrow. “Is that what we want our kids to learn?”
I tried to assure him that Trump would not be our next president — that America’s commitment to pluralism runs deep. But the encounter was a bracing reminder that what starts in Iowa shows up in Kuwait five minutes later. Trump, by alienating the Muslim world with his call for a ban on Muslims entering America, is acting as the Islamic State’s secret agent. ISIS wants every Muslim in America (and Europe) to feel alienated. If that happens, ISIS won’t need to recruit anyone. People will will just act on their own. ISIS and Islamic extremism are Muslim problems that can only be fixed by Muslims. Lumping all Muslims together as our enemies will only make that challenge harder.
By the way, Kuwait closed its immigration to Muslims from Syria and four other nations. And Kuwait also is doing its version of the SWIFT program that Bush begged the New York Times not to divulge. The New York Times chose attacking Bush politically over keeping money out of the hands of terrorists. Thousands of people are now dead thanks to the end of the SWIFT program.

So on and on Friedman goes, evidently taking a hefty fee from the oil sheiks for "participating in an I.M.F. seminar for Arab educators."

Friedman tries to explain the intricacies of Middle East politics as best he can. He could not point out one strategical flaw in Trump's plan to end the importation of Muslims until we can separate the terrorists from the ones who are good. Instead, Friedman made personal attacks on Trump:
As for Trump, well, he may be a deal maker, but he’s no poker player ready for the Middle East five-card stud sharks. His xenophobic rhetoric and unrealistic, infantile threats of massive bombing make up the kind of simplistic hand you’d play in “Go Fish” — not in this high-stakes game. Beyond playing into ISIS’s hand by denigrating the U.S. presidency and our democratic ideals, Trump is doing real damage to America’s ability to lead a coalition, the only vehicle that can effectively address this problem.
#You ain’t no American, bro.
Friedman and the New York Times are the last people to judge who is an American and who is not. But like the Emperor With No Clothes, liberals walk around with their noses in the air acting as if they know it all.

By the way, Trump owns a couple of resorts in the Middle East, and in a poker game, my money is on him, not Mister Alternative Energy who works for the paper with the blood of terrorists on its pages.



  1. This is a good post on Tommy, as his Internet detractors like to call him, and his worthless employer. The Saudis he kisses on the butt are trying to destroy our fracking industry which has made us more independent of them and the middle east oil than any of Tommy's windmills ever could or will yet terrorism is worse now than when he started his whining. Trump is gaining traction because the "old" self reliant America that Tommy hates is still alive. I hope he prevails.

  2. I can't abide Trump's corporatism (he's on the same level as Clinton) or his weak grasp of middle-class economic concerns, but at least he operates inside the reality snow globe...I'd much rather vote for a conservative such as Cruz than Trump, but a contest between Trump and Clinton? I'll choose the person that lives inside reality instead of the PC bubble and actually speaks of defeating ISIS, jihadists and protecting Americans with weapons rather than hot air or 'climate' change hokum.

  3. The Donald is doing so well because it seems everyone else is avoiding the topics that concern WE "the unwashed".