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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

That '90s Campaign!

Thrusting Bill Clinton into Hillary Clinton's crusade for the presidency is a mistake on many levels, and proof that the Smartest Woman On The Planet learned nothing -- noth-think, Colonel Hogan -- from her comical campaign in 2008 when she lost to a freshman senator from Illinois despite receiving more votes in the primaries than he did.

Let me count the ways bring Bill in hurts Hillary's campaign:

1. Bill Clinton is a closer. You use him to cinch the deal, not to negotiate it.

2. Bill Clinton is a lecher. I mean look at the campaign bus picture of the Gores and the Clintons. Bill is eying Tipper -- in front of Al.

Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post wrote: "Trump has smeared women because of their looks. Clinton has preyed on them, and in a workplace setting where he was by far the superior. That is uncomfortable for Clinton supporters but it is unavoidably true."

Left out of the piece is that Hillary smeared women as a little nutty and a little slutty.

3. Bill Clinton is a perjurer. Dragging him out reminds Democrats of how much time and energy they wasted defending this cad, who should have been thrown out of office after his impeachment for what really proved to be perjury.

His presence only underscores doubts about her veracity.

4. Bill Clinton is her husband. People overlook that since they live apart and have a separate set of lovers, even if hers is amber and poured from a bottle over some ice. But yes, they are still married.

It is difficult to make the case that you are a strong, independent woman when every time you get in a little rough spot you bring your husband in to fix it.

5. Bill Clinton is a relic from a generation ago. When he was elected, Americans had just defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War. Times were good. His Third Way of compromise led to a balanced budget and the end of welfare as we know it.

But for Democrats, the 1990s sucked. They had endured the Reagan Restoration Of America, which set back their plans for incremental socialism by years. Reagan cost them the Baby Boom Generation and Generation X. Oh, there are socialists among that crowd, but Democratic Party dreams of a Woodstock Generation were dashed by Reagan.

What did Democrats get from Bill Clinton? They lost the House for the first time in 40 years. The Clinton presidency was good for him, but lousy for Democrats.

6. Bill Clinton's return to the center stage reminds people that for a quarter-century, the media has covered up for this lecher, which further makes the case for Trump's attacks on the media.
Hillary erred in going to Bill Clinton this early because she has not gotten by the primaries. It is the same mistake she made in 2008. Bill Clinton cost her the South Carolina primary, and subsequently the nomination. The irony is, Barack Obama sealed the deal with black people when his wife said in Madison, Wisconsin, after that vote, "Let me tell you something: For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country."

Bringing Bill Clinton in the 2016 campaign reminds Democrats of all they had to put up with and how little they got in the 1990s. Good luck selling that on the Democratic Party campaign trail, Missus Clinton.

And I wish you even better luck selling that on the rest of America next autumn.


  1. It's a huge mistake to bring in Bill at ANY time, most importantly because it demonstrates yet again that Hillary doesn't have the wherewithal to accomplish anything on her own merit and ability. Once again she is riding on the coattails of her husband and thus proving she is not the strong, independent woman she claims to be. It's the absolutely wrong message to send if she wants to demonstrate she has what it takes to be president. It's a return to the 1992 Clinton campaign theme that the election of the Clintons is a twofer: you elect one, you get the other. In fact, that's probably what many Dems hope, namely, a return of Bill to the White House. But it's not a hope that Hillary should openly encourage if she wants to sell herself as a strong independent woman.

    1. And if Hillary thinks Donald Trump won't use it to his advantage and throw it in her face when she trots out her Vote for the Vagina campaign theme, she's got a big surprise coming. He'll use it to beat her like a rug.

  2. Those first three words, thrusting Bill Clinton, say it all.

    1. TPD just broke the Intertubes. (Now wiping my drink off my computer screen.)