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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Many conservatives don't care if Trump is not a conservative

Rush Limbaugh highlighted this remark from Dana Perino on "The Five" on Fox News:
I do find it curious that Cruz is the only that one gets the protection of Rush Limbaugh if you say you're a conservative. I mean, Trump has no problem trashing all sorts of conservatives. The people who would self-describe as a conservative, and I think maybe one of the things is that they're starting to worry, like, "Oh, maybe Trump isn't as solid a conservative as we thought. We've been talking about him for six months and he's getting up there," and now they kind of like, "Oh, wait, well, maybe we like Cruz." I don't understand it. I think it's been unfair to a lot of people, including most of the people that are on that stage for several months.
Rush fought back and you can read that here.

I like Rush, whose appeal is that he is outside the Beltway. Ted Cruz is inside it -- and has been for 20 years, excluding a five-year stunt as solicitor general under Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is now that state's able governor. Not knocking Cruz. I am just saying Rush should work that into his equation.

Many are the conservatives who dump on Trump, and then they dump on Trump supporters, describing them as Trumpkins with the same disdain that liberals use. Mouth breathers. Low IQ. White.

No, make that whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite.

Among those dumping on Trump supporters are Charles Krauthammer, who happened to be Fritz Mondale's speechwriter in 1984 when Mondale carried his home state and D.C. in Reagan's 49-state re-election sweep. Breitbart reported Mark Levin took off on Krauthammer:
I'll tell you something else, I'm sick and tired of Trump's intelligence being questioned by the stupidos on cable TV. He's an incredibly brilliant man, as are many of the people on that stage, incredibly. We got to sit here and listen to former Mondale staffers, a Mondale staffer says, "Well, he changes his view "
So what is going on? The clever, well-tailored conservatives in the TV studios have never had it so good. Roger Ailes is pouring out millions of dollars into the silk purses if his Fox News Contributors. The Studio Conservatives are winning -- are getting six- and seven-figure salaries -- after years of taking abuse from their liberal counterparts. The Studio Conservatives talk among themselves, and the herd mentality has taken over. They do not want to lose their gigs. The point of view of the Studio Conservative is at times the polar opposite of the Home Audience Conservatives, who are the reason Ailes has millions to throw around. Fox News brings in $2 billion a year. It is not a cash cow, it is a cash whale.

I see the Home Audience Conservative as someone who did everything he was told: Supported the war in Iraq, backed tax cuts, protested Obamacare, and fought amnesty for illegal aliens. What did he get? Abortion is still legal. Planned Parenthood is still funded. The IRS goes after conservatives. The government grows (Bush 43 added another Cabinet office). The economy still sucks, and retirement looks further and further away. And white conservatives also get to hear how Republicans are going to lose unless they pander to the Hispanic voters -- which means granting citizenship to people who broke the law and jumped our borders.

Maybe the Home Audience Conservative has had enough with conservative politicians who promise everything and deliver nothing.

Donald Trump is not a conservative? The Trump supporters say, so what? At least he will put up a wall, and keep the Islamic State from opening up a recruiting office at Lakeside and East Ninth in Cleveland.

For many people, that's enough. The refusal to be polite is a bonus, and the insults are entertaining. Not presidential? Many people see that as a plus.

The knock is that nominating Trump will somehow turn that pig Hillary Clinton a 50-state sweep that will cost Republicans control of the House and Senate.

Given the Omnibus Budge Buster passed because of Democratic votes, Paul Ryan already gave the Party of Lenin the House.


  1. as in many things it depends on the definition of the word..... what passes as conservative is not ... big government , tax plans to help some hurt others are the work of the right , not a conservative

  2. Not only did Bush 43 give us another cabinet post but he also gave us another expensive entitlement: Medicare Part D. He spent more than any other president, which allowed Dimocrats to run as fiscal conservatives and take the House and enough Senate seats to give them a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. He also set the stage for Obungler. We found out what a "compassionate conservative" was. A big spending liberal. I like Dubya, but he was a disaster and he and the congressional Republicans spent like Dimocrats.

  3. Those in the Beltway Bubble seem not to understand those of us outside the Beltway Bubble. They're ALL Pauline Kael these days. It's not that they can't figure it out, but that they won't get out and find out what they should know to figure it out.

  4. If Ryan's budget passes, and I have no doubt it will, the Republican Party will be dead to me. Dead. If it takes Trump to destroy the Republican Party, I am for Trump.

  5. Trump not Presidential? Is Obama Presidential? What with the constant selfies and mis-reading text from the teleprompter.

    1. trump is a real estate agent with bad hair. Obama, in the face of withering GOP and anti- American teabagger obstructionism, has brought us back from bush and GOP caused economic disaster and almost all other GOP caused catastrophes. And he turned to be one of the better presidents in the last 40 years.

    2. trump is a real estate agent with bad hair. Obama, in the face of withering GOP and anti- American teabagger obstructionism, has brought us back from bush and GOP caused economic disaster and almost all other GOP caused catastrophes. And he turned to be one of the better presidents in the last 40 years.

  6. Andrew Jackson upset a lot of expectations in his day.

    -Mikey NTH

  7. Yes to what you say. This conservative is more interested in leadership than in the party in power (the one with the brown nosers).

    Trump has good leadership skills. We like that. It is a direct response to the non-leader whose academic mythologies have given us the worst world situation of my lifetime, which includes multiple recessions, the Cold War and the Vietnam period.

  8. Trump is an azzclown and extreme rightwing nuts STILL hate America.