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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

In defense of the Washington Post's monkey business

The Washington Post ran -- then pulled -- a political cartoon that savaged Ted Cruz's daughters, ages 5 and 7, as monkeys for an organ grinder (Ted Cruz). I defend the staff at the Washington Post's right to be total assholes. In fact I encourage the Post to throw its feces at the public. Please, show Doctor Ben Carson eating watermelon, Carly Fiorina dealing with that time of month, and Marco Rubio playing a bongo and telling his wife she has some 'splainin' to do. Readers need to know what total jerks the entire staff of the Washington Post is.

The outrage from conservatives is not that the newspaper attacked Ted Cruz and his children, but that it would never ever do anything near this to Barack Obama. What is offensive is not depiction of the little girls but the knowledge that the Washington Post would never do this to Obama or any other liberal. That is the problem. The press considers conservatives to be subhuman and liberals to be supermen. Subhumans do not deserve any niceties, but we must never allow anyone to blaspheme the liberals.

Meanwhile, the media closes ranks to protect its racist cartoonist.

Never apologize, conservatives. They don't, why should we?


  1. " The press considers conservatives to be subhuman and liberals to be supermen." [Don Surber]

    The conservative Morlocks vs the morally superior Progressive Eloi; the conservative Yahoos vs. the morally superior Whinnems.

    It simply shows how totally passe the party of "new ideas" (Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton) really is.

    Nothing new here.

  2. What about the strange timing of Chelsea's second child? Shrillary will soon be a gran'ma again, just in time for the election. Any WaPo cartoons about this in the offing?

  3. One of the rules in fighting SJWs is never apologize.

  4. FAIL! A cartoon only succeeds if viewers understand it without further written explanation. I don't understand the cartoon and have no idea what its message is, so to that extent it fails whatever its creator intended.