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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

I love Twitter

What set off my "Irishman in Austria" (his words) friend:


  1. The Irish never declared war on us. Islam did. 1400 years ago and the war is still on. Mooslimes in America, and all over the world, did cheer 9/11. Many Mooslimes in America support Shariah Law over the US Constitution.

  2. "Insulting Islam can invite a terrorist attack"

    Yeah, I recall a video that insulted Islam and brought on an attack that killed four Americans in Libya. Muslims need a safe space where their religion is not insulted. I mean, can you imagine what their reaction would be if an "artist" created a sculpture of Mohammed submerged in urine? You all remember the horrendous riots and the wanton killings by Christians in response to the "Christ in Pi$$" controversy, don't you?