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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bankers of the year

NatWest is a British bank.

From the Daily Mail:

NatWest has repaid a 93-year-old war veteran after he lost more than £20,000 in a distraction scam by thieves.
The pensioner was targeted when he used a cash machine in a bank in Grantham, Lincolnshire, with £23,000 stolen within hours of the crime. CCTV footage released by Lincolnshire Police, pictured, shows the 'despicable and callous theft' from the man who was tricked while withdrawing money. The elderly victim stands at the machine when a man in a beanie hat strategically drops a card on the floor and tells his victim he has dropped something. While the pensioner bends to the ground another man, standing close behind in a dark puffer jacket, moves in swiftly and places a decoy card in the machine, after taking the real card out. A NatWest spokesman said: "Unfortunately our customer fell victim to a callous distraction technique whilst using an ATM. We have refunded all the money to the customer and continue to do everything we can to help the police identify the criminals."
God bless the bank and all its employees.