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Monday, December 21, 2015

Anti-gun sheriff shoots self in hand

Five years ago, Des Moines County Sheriff Mike Johnstone predicted firearmageddon when the Iowa Legislature forced sheriffs to issue concealed weapons permits to anyone who was qualified.
"It's a recipe for disaster," Johnstone said.
He added:
"I'm required to sign (permits). Even for those I know in my heart should not be carrying."
Maybe he should be the one banned from carrying a gun. Last week, while cleaning his gun, he accidentally shot himself in the hand, requiring surgery.

Many Second Amendment defenders are calling it karma.

I'm not. But sheriffs do not need to carry a gun. Thirty years ago, Kanawha County-- home of the state capital in West Virginia -- had Danny Jones, the sheriff without a gun. It is not that he had anything against firearms; he had been a Marine in Vietnam. Danny was a reformer who was an administrator who ran the jail, collected the taxes, and hired deputies to do the police work.

Perhaps Sheriff Johnstone might consider that approach. I hope his hand heals well.


  1. It's rather common for sheriffs and police chiefs to carry illegally, i.e., they just can't find the time to do the required annual qualifications mandated for officers to carry.

  2. Gun Cleaning Instructions:

    1. Remove magazine if semi-auto;
    remove all rounds from cylinder if revolver, and place them in a bowl or box well away from you.

    2. If semi-auto, pull slide back to eject a round if there was one in the chamber. Put it with other rounds, well away from you.

    3. Examine weapon thoroughly to INSURE
    there are no live rounds in the weapon.

    4. Clean the weapon.

  3. I thought the Karma suture was about sex.

    1. The Karma Suture is what you use to sew a Democrat's mouth shut.