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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thoughts on the Democratic debate

Imagine if at the 1944 debate FDR, when asked about the war, said it is "not particularly helpful" to say the U.S. is at war with Nazi Germany because the U.S. needs to reach out to Nazi countries, but that it is fair to talk about "Nazis who clearly are also fascists."

That was the song-and-dance about Muslim terrorists who are blowing themselves up in their war against civilization. We're not at war with them, they are just at war with us.

Hillary Clinton showed she is a strong, independent woman by referring to "my husband's presidency."

She reached a new low when she said Wall Street gave her tens of millions of dollars because of her aid after 9/11/.

Martin O'Malley distinguished himself as a mealy-mouthed version of Paul Tsongas.

The big loser was Bernie Sanders who no longer humors us as your crazy old aunt in the attic, but has declined rapidly to an angry old man embittered by a world that rejected his non-Soviet communism. he did not want CBS to ask about the Paris attack, because in his heart he is with the Muslims. Tear the world down and start all over again.

The CBS crew was excellent and respectful of the candidates, making the night about Clinton, O'Malley, and Sanders. America got to see them for who they are. Democrats should panic.

CBS gets the Republicans on February 13, 2016. I am looking forward to that debate, provided Donald Trump has not run the table by then.


  1. CBS committed Journalism? Surely you jest!

  2. Sam, the learning curve is evidently profoundly steep, but maybe they're catching on. I won't hold my breath, but...

  3. Cankles refers to her husband's presidency but opposes all of his policies.

    Of course CBS was respectful. They are the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party. There will not be the same level of respect for Republicans at the CBS debate.

  4. well, all the democrats are gay communists...
    Now it's much more obvious that they can't hide it.

    Trump is going to win in 2016. :D