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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The price paid when French politicians refuse to say no

A year or so ago, Radley Balko and a bunch of others were whining about "overmilitarized police" in the wake of public hysteria over Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson's killing of Michael D. Brown after the 300-pound Brown attacked the officer and fired his weapon.

Balko has for several years made this complaint, which is usually preserved for liberals. Unlike liberals, though, he does not wish to undermine the local police and replace them with a national one. He is just wrong, as we saw in France this morning.

From Fox News:
Seven terror suspects were arrested Wednesday morning and two others were killed, including a woman wearing a suicide vest who blew herself up, after police stormed a suburban Paris apartment targeting the alleged mastermind of last Friday's massacre in the French capital.
Government spokesman Stephane Le Foll said just before noon (6 a.m. EST) that "the operation is over", more than seven hours after it began. The fate of the suspected attacks planner, 27-year-old Begian ISIS militant Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was unclear. Police said a security perimeter around the building in Saint-Denis, north of central Paris, remained in place.
Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazenueve told reporters that information collected from tapped telephone conversations, surveillance and witness accounts led authorities to believe that Abaaoud was hiding out at the apartment. 
A senior police official, who was informed routinely about the operation, told the Associated Press scores of police stormed the building and were met with unexpectedly violent resistance. Molins said five people were arrested in the apartment, while two others were arrested nearby. The prosecutor said the identities of those arrested and killed were still being verified. 
In St. Denis, France, we saw the value of body armor, helmets, guns and other paramilitary equipment for police. These policemen had to go in and take on suicide bombers because the politicians of France have refused, for at least 10 years, to tell Muslims no, you cannot move to France if you do not accept our culture.

Balko can bitch about the War On Drugs all he wants, but when he attacks as "trigger happy" and the like the soldiers fighting that war, he is wrong. Terribly wrong. Police officer are trained and re-rained, far more than journalists, Many officers have at least a bachelor's degree, and many served in the military or now serve in the reserves or National Guard. Many have hit the trifecta of professionalism. To portray them as yahoos who don't know what they are doing is wrong. While officers are far from perfect, they are in France cleaning up the mess the politicians made.

And they do so in this country.



  1. When a writer doesn't quote the person he attacks, you know something is amiss.

    1. Perhaps this will help you

    2. Perhaps you should try to coherently explain how what he writes in that article has anything to do with the police tactics in France. FYI - it dosen't.

  2. The problem that they seem to miss isn't the militarization, it is the over use of the equipment. The police (mostly in the leftoid cities btw) have the bad habit of using full load out for simple stuff. Often, it seems, swat tactics have usurped detective work.

  3. Mr Surber, perhaps you should point to a specific instance where Radley Balko has decried police militarization, compare THAT to what happened in France, and then make your argument. Mr. Balko has no problem with the proper use of SWAT. These are the things he cites as over militarization and indiscriminate use of SWAT:

    I could go on. So please take a specific instance where Mr. Balko has argued against police militarization, cite the article, and make your case. Doing so will prove you a hack, just as refusing to do so will.

    1. Don't hold your breath Anon. Every time I ask Surber similar "prove it" questions about his baffling posts, he just goes all Straw Man. Look to be insulted in the very near future ... but know your question will still go unanswered.

    2. No he just complains about the militarization of but geez don't ever accuse him of opposing militarization because that would make too much plain sense. Waah.
      I linked his column on (dramatic music) THE RISE OF THE WARRIOR COP, but don't you dare don't say the guy opposes the militarization of police.

  4. If we had reasonable control of our borders we wouldn't need a police force that is the equivalent of a standing army meant for the purpose of controlling dissent.