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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The New York Times forgets 9/11

On Sunday, the New York Times ran a piece: "Could Paris Happen Here?"

This is proof -- once again -- that for all their pretensions and pseudo-intellectualism, most liberals are dumber than rocks. It already happened here. And it was worse.

Paris proves no one in the West is safe from Muslim terrorism.

Oh, the article mentioned 9/11 in passing: "In fact, America has spent more than $650 billion since 9/11 on homeland security, or around $47 billion a year. In contrast, after the Charlie Hebdo killings, France announced a multiyear $786 million effort to combat terrorism. The annual budget for Germany’s entire intelligence service is $660 million. The resulting gaps in France’s counterterror regime are self-evident: Already, there are indications that the Paris crew operated undetected because of surveillance shortcomings, as was true with the Charlie Hebdo attacks."

Yes, spending huges sums of money on a federal bureaucracy will protect us.

Unless you run in the Boston Marathon.