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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The case for an American monarchy

Lady Kitty Spencer, all of 24, is the niece of Princess Di, and turning heads in Australia, where she is enjoying the beach (and vice versa).

From the London Daily Mail:
We have long since stopped expecting a Lady to look like — well — a lady. But in the case of Lady Kitty Spencer, hailed on the cover of this month’s Tatler magazine as ‘Diana Princess of Wales’s most ravishing niece’, we have a Lady who is a bona-fide bombshell.
Lips parted to show a Bardot-esque hint of bite, she is all tousled bed-hair, glowing skin and traffic-stopping cleavage.
Indeed, the photos inside the magazine show her Sloane bosom barely restrained by the designer gowns she models. Not for nothing does younger sister Amelia call her by the vulgar nickname ‘t**s’.
Of course, if we did have a royal family it would be the Kardashians.

A democratic republic it is, then,


  1. A bombshell? With a case of secretary's butt like that?

    1. That's how real women are built.

      Ever hear of an hourglass silhouette?

      That's what it looks like.

  2. I suggest we send the 1st Ranger Battalion to whisk her off to the good ol' US of A where she'll be safe from all the Moslem crazies.

  3. The hips that launched a thousand ships! Not exactly a bombshell. More like a boobshell.

  4. One reason against a monarchy for the United States: Charles, Prince of Wales

  5. Glad you are not objectifying anyone here Don like that darn Pirelli Tires' calendar.