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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Press officially opposes Trump

For eight years, President Obama conducted a War Against Fox News. The press did not protest -- in fact many cheered the attempt to shut down critics of His Majesty.

This summer, Hillary Clinton roped off reporters. There was a little grumbling.

Now the press is openly attacking Donald Trump for refusing to cooperate with hostile reporters.

Yes, we know what side the press is on.
From the Washington Post:
Network TV news representatives will confer Monday to hash out demands about access to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign after Trump officials last week threatened to “blacklist” reporters who left a designated media “pen” during rallies for the presidential front-runner.
According to people at multiple networks, senior managers from the five leading TV news networks — ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox and NBC News — will discuss their response in an effort to push back against what they deem harsh and restrictive behavior by Trump’s managers, including his top aide, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.
Lewandowski threatened to pull the press credentials of a CNN reporter, Noah Gray, last week after Gray sought to leave the press pen during a Trump campaign appearance in Worcester, Mass. Gray, an “embed” for the network who has covered Trump for months, recorded Lewandowski’s threat to “blacklist” him and posted it online.
No candidate has appeared on TV more or has been more cooperative than Trump.

Hillary refuses to give the press the time of day. Again, no protest.


  1. They want the glory and Prestige of harming him with some inflammatory question, a deed they know will be handsomely rewarded by their Corporate masters. Similar attacks on Clinton would only bring the water board and perpetual obscurity

  2. When you realize that the press is just the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party, everything they do or say makes sense.

  3. When Fox News has as many issues with Trump as the "MSM" then it is only logical that it is the individual, not the press, that bears greater scrutiny. The media is giving Carson just as many free passes as Clinton and all other candidates.

  4. The power of The Force is strong with Trump. Whatever the MSM does to attack him, he will only grow stronger. Nor can they afford to ignore him; day after day, he remains the biggest news story in the campaign, absent an indictment of Hillary Clinton by the DOJ.

  5. Trump is living rent-free in media heads.

  6. W might have been able to put a stop to the "press" problems if he had pulled cbs' credentials after the 60 minutes corruption. That would have sent a message.

  7. Like they said at the debate a last month, the press is the Democrat Party's Super Pac. It is a shame when the National Enquirer is more believable than PMSNBC and CNN.