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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Meth heads for Hillary

In case you wonder why Hillary Clinton is pushing to end asking potential federal employees about their previous crimes (if any) it is because she just hired a meth head for her rapid response team.

Perfect fit, right?
From the New York Post:
The new head of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s “rapid response” team has a skeleton in his own closet: a 2013 arrest for drug possession.
Zac Petkanas, who was hired just days ago for the senior post on the Clinton camp’s communications team, was arrested at an Atlanta hospital at 4:55 a.m. Aug. 17, 2013, and charged with possessing methamphetamines, according to a police report.
A nurse who searched Petkanas while he was being admitted to the Grady Hospital found two “small baggies of a controlled substance [in] the right back pocket of the accused,” according to the report.
It isn’t known why Petkanas went to the hospital at the pre-dawn hour.
No further court documents are available, and it wasn’t clear how the case was resolved.
He was working for the Nevada Democratic Party at the time of the bust.
Petkanas worked for the ill-fated campaign of Wendy Davis, the Abortion Barbie. Shows you the caliber of people Clinton attracts.


  1. Not surprising since the Clintons are the number one crime family in the US. In a sane world Thunder Rodent Thighs and BJ would both be in jail where they belong. It must be nice to be a Dimocrat. You can get away with murder. Just ask Ted "the Floater" Kennedy. Mary Jo Kopechne couldn't be reached to comment.

  2. Wouldn't he HAVE to use meth to work for Hillary?