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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maryland discovers life isn't CSI

From Breitbart:
With a bill, retroactive to show an ending date of October 1, the state of Maryland is ending its program to take ballistic fingerprints of firearms through shell casings after 15 years, $5 million spent, and no crimes solved.
When passed by Maryland lawmakers and signed into law by Governor Parris N. Glendening (D) in 2000, ballistic fingerprinting was sold to Maryland residents as a way for police to literally use discarded crime scene shell casings to find the gun that had fired them and, thereby, the person who possessed the gun at the time of crime. To accomplish this, Maryland began a process of requiring one spent casing from every new handgun sold in the state to be sent to the Maryland State Police. The theory was that markings on that round would be used to identify the gun should a spent casing with similar markings be found at a crime scene.
Typical liberal flustercuck. Looks good on paper.

Maybe they can get a few bucks for all those used casings they have.


  1. because no one would ever replace the Firing Pin and Barrel/Chamber or heck, hone them a bit. Of course there was the attempt to make the firing pin imprint a serial number to make this even easier. That was determined to be a blatant attempt at banning guns by making it too hard to comply.

  2. Next up in the Free State: smart guns and micro stamping. Stupid is forever.