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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Make all the VA staff in Salem work on December 25 at regular pay

Just a reminder, at least 307,000 veterans now have died waiting for VA care, according to the GAO.

Instead of being ashamed, the unionized, Civil Service-protected, overpaid staffers at the VA hospital in Salem, Virginia, is banning Christmas.

From WSPA, a memo to the VA staff in Salem:
The Salem VAMC Executive Leadership Team wishes to extend our wishes for a happy holiday season in a manner that is welcoming to all. To that end, public areas may only be decorated in a manner that is celebratory of the winter season. Displays must not promote any religion. Please note that trees (regardless of the types of ornaments used) have been deemed to promote the Christian religion and will not be permitted in any public areas this year.
Employees are permitted to engage in private religious expression in their personal work areas that are not regularly open to the public. Religious expression will be permitted as long as it does not interfere with carrying out of official duties and responsibilities. Items must be displayed in a manner such that the viewing public would reasonably understand the religious expression to be that of the employee acting in their own personal capacity and not of the government itself. If an employee’s supervisor has previously granted them permission to listen to music in their personal work area, they should be reminded that music travels and should be secular (non-religious) and appropriate to the work environment.
Make the Grinches work on December 25. If they refuse to honor Christmas -- the legal name of the holiday -- then they forfeit the privilege of having this day off.


  1. Privatize in toto. And abolish occupational licensing starting with medicine and law. Everything else will fall into line.

  2. As an atheist, I whole heartedly endorse the plan to make those who refuse to call it Christmas and wage war against it, to work on the day at regular wages.

    Any bets on such notice coming down if it was people celebrating Eid or Ramadan?

  3. What a bunch of worthless jerks...all the way to Obama at the top of the chain.

  4. The courts have already ruled that employers must make reasonable accommodations for Muslims who wish to pray 6 times a day while at work. Practicing Christians at the VA who wish to celebrate the Christmas holiday in an appropriate manner should make a similar demand upon their employer and request that private space be set aside where traditional practices of the holiday can be observed, among them the singing of carols and the decoration of Christmas trees that have become symbolic of the spiritual message of the holiday. The VA is obligated by law to comply with any reasonable demands.