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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Kuwait doing what liberals hate

Kuwait does the job Obama refuses to do.

From Al Arabiya News:
Kuwait has captured a cell working to finance and promote ISIS, the official Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported on Thursday.
KUNA said the cell planned to transfer arms -- purchased in Ukraine, through Turkey. The arms included rockets.
It also said ISIS transferred money to accounts in Syria, Turkey, and administered a website to further garner support for the Islamist militants.
Remember: Under Bush we had a program to covertly monitor international transactions searching for the funding of terrorism. The New York Times and other liberals publicized the program and stopped it.

Anyway, this is a Thank You from Kuwait for the Gulf War.


  1. Bush asked Sulzberger, who inherited his publishers position from his father, and his editor, Bill Keller, who had married the Gilbys Gin fortune heiress, a one time girlfriend of John Kerry, personally in the Oval Office to not publish the Swift info. They refused because they hated him. One has to wonder how many lives this fit of pique by two jackpot one percenters cost us then and even now given the importance of funding to these terror groups