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Monday, November 16, 2015

Keep Muslim refugees out

Ted Cruz wants to allow Christians fleeing the horrors of Syria in, but not the Muslims.

In reporting this, Katie Zezima of the Washington Post wrote: "Cruz did not say how he would determine that refugees were Christian or Muslim."

Well, it is a pretty simple thing. Make them pray. Or better yet, serve them bacon.

Zezima also quoted Lavinia Limon, without identifying her as a former Clinton administration refugee official:
Lavinia Limon, the president and chief executive of the U.S. Commission for Refugees and Immigrants, said she is surprised the once-nonpartisan cause of helping refugees fleeing violence has become so politicized. She said it takes about three years for refugees to go through stringent security screenings.
“The definition of a refugee is someone fleeing oppression. They’re fleeing terrorism,” she said. “They’ve experienced what happened in Paris on a daily basis.”
Limon said she is dismayed that presidential candidates want to separate refugees by religion.
"That's the same distinction that ISIS makes between Muslims and Christians. It's playing into their hands," she said.
Again with the if-we-fight-terrorism-the-terrorists-win baloney.

We play into the hand of the Islamic State when we let their operatives in.

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  1. Of course she is dismayed; how DARE we try to protect ourselves?