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Sunday, November 29, 2015

If abortion is a right, why can't CNN say the word?

The police have yet to disclose the motive of Robert Lewis Dear, 57, who shot and killed University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Police Officer Garrett Swasey, and two other people, as well as wounding six others, is unknown.

But because the crime took place in Planned Parenthood's abortion clinic in Colorado Springs, the media has made Dear the Planned Parenthood killer.

In reporting the crime, CNN said:
Planned Parenthood, which delivers reproductive health care and sex education to women and men across the United States, has come under attack before, though the group has said that it didn't know anything about its Colorado Springs facility being "targeted deliberately."
What CNN cannot bring itself to admit is Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider.

If abortion is a right, why is the staff of CNN unwilling to admit that Planned Parenthood provides this right?

The fact is, abortion is not a right. Abortion is the ending of a life because the person is inconvenient. It is the opposite of reproduction, and to call it "reproductive health care" is PR, not journalism.

Founded by liberal billionaire Ted Turner, CNN is now the liberal alternative to Fox News. As CNN's ratings fall, CNN increasingly is becoming more blatant about its ultra-liberal -- some would say communist -- bias. Its bizarre description of Planned Parenthood is like calling slavery an internship.


  1. It's not reproductive health, but reproductive death. And it's not Planned Parenthood, but Planned UNparenthood. If the babies being aborted each day by PP were pigs or cows instead of humans, the Left would be denouncing the slaughter as cruel and inhumane. They would be demanding the closure of its clinics. In fact, PP doesn't run health clinics. What it runs are a bunch of abattoirs for the killing of pre-born children. And then it haggles with others for how much it will be paid for the body parts of the babies it has rendered in its slaughterhouses.

  2. I saw the name abortuaries several years ago, and think it is the best description for them.