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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Democrat Party's problem is Obama, not Hillary

Michael Barone has a terrific piece, "Which Party Will Emerge From Its Gathering Storm?" He calmly lays out the peril in 2016 each party faces.

For Republicans, it is Trump and evangelical Christians.

For Democrats, it is Obama

From Barone:
The gathering storm for the Democrats may be less visible to mainstream media but looms nevertheless. It was apparent in last week's House vote on pausing the entry of 10,000 Syrian refugees, when 47 Democrats joined 242 Republicans to form a veto-proof majority against the president's position.
In his press conference in Antalya, Turkey, President Obama gave perfunctory assurances that the 10,000 Syrian refugees could be adequately screened, and he intimated that those who oppose his policy are un-American bigots.
But after administration officials briefed House Democrats on those screening procedures, many were reportedly driven to switch and oppose the administration position.
Barone lightly touched on the problem of Black Lives Matter, which are Black Power bullies who dare white people to oppose them. So far no one wants to be called racist, and so this group grows in influence.

But in the privacy of the voting booth, the pandering to a small slice of black America may cost Democrats dearly.


  1. "But in the privacy of the voting booth, the pandering to a small slice of black America may cost Democrats dearly."

    One may hope so, Also, what are they doing for everybody (or anybody) else? Bad for business is bad for employees, who are expected to pay taxes and support the non-workers. They may be very unhappy about that.

  2. Look at what he did for the United Mine Workers over coal.

  3. Sorry Don, but the problem for the demonicRATS is neither Hitlery, nor the SCoaMF. Its members dumb enough to vote for either of them to begin with.
    Happy Thanks Giving. Remember whom it is that is deserving of your thanks, and your praise.