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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

California race could be blueprint for 2016 congressional election

The headline in the Sacramento Bee surprised me: "Sacramento sheriff makes immigration top issue in campaign for Congress."

Huh? A sheriff who opposes illegal immigration is running for Congress in the State of Sanctuary Cities?

But the guy has a shot at it for a couple of reasons -- including the disgust by Americans with the lawlessness and terrorism that is spreading over our nation.

From the Bee:
Immigration and public safety emerged Monday as central themes of Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones’ quest for Congress, as the Antelope Republican formally launched his candidacy for the battleground seat now held by Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove.
Jones, joined by family and supporters at a news conference in Rancho Cordova, attacked the White House and Congress for inaction that he blamed for leaving Americans increasingly unsafe.
“For as diligent as I can be in protecting the citizens of Sacramento County, our national leaders are driving us ever closer and faster to disaster,” Jones said Monday. The failed immigration policies, he said, are emblematic of what he labeled similar inaction in the fight against the Islamic State.
“Make no mistake about it, when America retreats, the world descends into chaos. We saw as an example Friday in Paris,” he said, adding, “This administration has no clue. They have no clue what threat is facing us and they don’t have any strategy to overcome it. That will be a huge issue in this race.”
This should be a competitive race. Congressman Bera rode the coattails of Obama to win a first term in 2012, and then outspent Republican challenger in a $20 million election, the most expensive in the 2014 House races. But Bera won by only 1,455 votes. Wonder if Democrats will invest that kind of money in the race in a presidential election year.

Sheriff Jones has testified before Congress against illegal immigration. Democratic Governor Jerry Brown's decision to invite Syrian refugees to re-settle in California is sure to trouble Californians.

"Our national leaders are driving us ever closer, ever faster to disaster," Jones said.

In 1968, Richard Nixon ran as a law-and-order candidate to win the presidency. Nearly a half-century later we sadly could recycle that promise. People are scared. A few sheriffs riding in to Washington could save the day.

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  1. "Our national leaders are driving us ever closer, ever faster to disaster," Jones said.

    A great line, that.