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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Build the New York-to-London highway

A group of Russian engineer proposed a highway that would connect New York City to London via Nome and Moscow.

Do it.

The United States throws a trillion dollars a year at poverty each year -- the most in the world and nearly double the military budget.

And for what?

From Elite Readers:
The ambitious plan was first revealed during a meeting at the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow. The project is named Trans-Eurasian Belt Development (TEPR) and this one would require a massive roadway to be built, similar to what we have in the Trans-Siberian Railway which is currently the world’s largest railway.
We have the technology. Do we still have the will to think big?


  1. Sign up welfare recipients to work on it. Pay them $1/hour on top of welfare. Feed them in chow halls and house them in tents.

  2. Make criminals, illegals and liberals work on it and when they all get into Russia blow the bridge up.....

  3. We don't do big things anymore. We put men on the moon and then decided to return to earth and support moochers, leeches, and parasites.

  4. We have the technology. Do we still have the will to think big?

    I disagree with the first part. As someone with a background in engineering and science (mathematics), I would say that we no longer have the technology, let alone the will. The construction of a New York-to-London highway would require a substantial technological infrastructure (materials and technicians) that simply does not exist in the US anymore. I doubt that we could even build the interstate highway system we have now.

    I teach mathematics and engineering classes to undergraduates. The problem is not that we are not graduating enough engineers. The problem is that we are graduating caretakers rather than innovators and designers. Most engineering graduates will end up tweaking and fixing what we have now, not building new things. Look at how badly the Obama administration - supposedly the most brilliant scientific and technical minds in history! - flubbed the Obamacare website.

    Off-topic: a few days ago I finally got around to writing the Amazon review for Exceptional Americans 2. Good work, Don

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  5. The environmental impact statements alone would kill the project. And if we got a winner like our current President, that individual would just keystone-xl delay it until it became moot.