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Friday, November 13, 2015

Are universities the new Detroit?

David French of National Review wrote, "Conservatives Have the Ability to Fight the University Left, So Let’s Do It."

From the article:
Conservative parents have often reduced themselves to expecting that their kids will waste their college years — either wildly drunk, wildly liberal, or both — and then hope and pray that they muddle through, earn their degree, and get a job so that “real life” will “straighten them out.” Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, but parents rarely seem to question the decision to feed their own children to the lawless, malicious beast. We do what we’re expected. We do what we must. And we deliver our kids to the very institutions that seek to destroy us. Conservatives possess the power of the federal purse. Conservatives possess the power of the state purse in most states. Millions of conservative parents help guide (and pay for) their kids’ college choices. Given this reality, helplessness and impotence are a choice. It’s time for a cultural and political war against the intellectual and legal corruption of the university Left. Which GOP presidential candidate will fire the first shot?
Democrats have run colleges and universities since the 1950s. The result is higher prices, huge and bloated bureaucracies, and belligerent students. Screw 'em.


  1. Government loans for tuition are what fueled building programs, very, very high salaries for professors and administrators, bloated bureaucracies and grossly inflated tuition increases.

    How do you undo that?

  2. none of these screamers will never get a job requiring responsibility so most will end up on the public dime, say as a Starbucks gofer for some Dem state senator . All good private firms today investigate every applicant with more invasiveness than even the NSA would consider useful. Their faces, videos,twitter feeds etc are already on file somewhere. True,The life of a derelict pays well these days if you have a dog sitting beside you, but the parents of these moral failures cannot be happy. Claremont costs a lot.

  3. Dropped out of college in my junior year. The quality of education I got my first two years at a community college was much better than what I was getting at the prestigious four year college. Paid off my student loans in three years. Used my Navy skills to get a job at IBM fixing office equipment. Wound up as a highly paid systems programmer and was able to retire at 58 with a nice income. Hard work was more important than a four year degree.

  4. Its been worrying moment with respect to present circumstances but with some efficient strategies and goals this can be made possible.