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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Who would you fire, Professor Reich?

As far as I can tell, Robert Reich has never held a job in the free market. He is an academic who occasionally works in the government. There is nothing wrong with that. His new book is “Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few.”

In a post online, "The Morality of a $15 Minimum," Reich tried to make the moral case for raising the minimum wage to $30,000 a year, which happen to be slightly above the median wage in America.

Actually, using his logic, we should eliminate minimum wage.

After conceding that raising the minimum wage to $30,000 a year will cost people their jobs, Robert Reich wrote: "Yet maybe some jobs are worth risking if a strong moral case can be made for a $15 minimum."

Really? Whose jobs should be lost? Who is so insignificant -- so unworthy in the eyes of this man -- so tiny that they do not deserve a job?

Because that is what he is saying.

He is a socialist -- oh, hell, a communist -- who reduces people to mere statistics, which makes it easy to say some jobs can be sacrificed for the greater "good."

And yes, liberal is progressive is socialist is communist. They believe in the state -- the government -- over God and man.


  1. We can start with his job followed by Paul Krugman's, another clueless rat bastard commie economist.

  2. We should eliminate the non productive, hence, I second Denny's nominations.

  3. Those who claim to love the masses clearly hate those who make up the masses.

    Add Tommy "Chinese" Friedman to Paullie "The Beard" Krugman.

  4. A communist is not a bad evolution of a socialist. The Communists of the 20th century were obfuscated socialists, not the other way around.

    "That Communism is essentially negative, confined to the prohibition that one shall not have more than another. Socialism is positive and aggressive, declaring that each man shall have enough.

    "It purposes to introduce new forces into society and industry; to put a stop to the idleness, the waste of resources, the misdirection of force, inseparable, in some large proportion of instances, from individual initiative; and to drive the whole mass forward in the direction determined by the intelligence of its better half. "

  5. I nominate those who belong to the professoriate...anyone with learning...anyone with glasses. There are many hundreds of such people on the public dole in the California college system alone who earn well over $100k each year. Let's distribute their wealth to the counter workers at the fast food joints, to the maids who make beds in our nation's hotels, to the wait staff who serve us our meals in restaurants, to the tired, the poor, those yearning to be free! It's the moral imperative to do what is right.