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Saturday, October 03, 2015

The government already is shut down

Republicans in Congress will cave in on Planned Parenthood rather than shut down the government.
As far as I am concerned, Congress is shut down. Congress is doing nothing on the things I voted it to do.

Repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

Balanced budget?

Reining in the EPA?

Reining in the IRS?

Getting rid of regulations that are unconstitutional?

Hello? Is anyone there? Does anyone care in Washington?


  1. The only thing they care about is getting elected. They are kept whores of the donor class. Tar. Feathers. Some assembly required. Or as Misha sez, "Rope. Lamppost. Some assembly required."

    On another topic, since Obungler is so hot on gun control, let's make the White House a gun free zone.

  2. Well, Don, Congress sure seems to be, and the Administration is NOT.

  3. The Republican's are afraid of President Obama's demagoguery.

  4. Denny and Ron make good points. As I see it the Roll-Over Party leaders are content to be runners up so long as they get to sit at the foot of the banquet table and have the occasional scrap thrown their way. They don't want to be called bad things by Obama or the MSM. They still think like the minority party even though they have the majority in Congress. No wonder non-political outsiders are riding high in the primary polls.

    1. Oh please Holding ... and Ron. There hasn't been two parties in this country in a long time. We have the Party of Wall Street and that's it. Surber is finally coming to his senses (took him long enough) that it's not about Rs and Ds anymore. It's about "keeping me in the $." Holding - Rs have never been more critical of O and the MSM. That's what gets them elected. Problem is, once there, they speak one thing but follow the orders of those with the $. No different than Democrats.
      Got news for all of you, if you think Obama was bad, wait til the next election cause the next President is certainly going to be worse, whether it is Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Biden, Clinton, Bernie or Elmo.