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Saturday, October 03, 2015

The first Batmobile (predates the George Barris TV car)

Found on Facebook, a 1939 Delahaye Type 165 Cabriolet  posted by Charles Martin.

He called it the Red Batmobile.

Actually, it is the original Batmobile from the first appearance of Batman in Detective comics No. 27.

Remember, Batman is a detective, not a superhero in that he has no power other than his brain.

And money.

And kick-ass car.

By the way, the Delahaye is French.


  1. The Batmobile in that comic panel is from Detective Comics #48, published in 1941. While some Batman historians say it was based on the Cord 810/812, I think a convincing argument can be made that it was based on the Graham Paige "Sharknose". Of course, we're debating about a fictional car in a comic book.

    1. There is nothing more important on Earth than debating about a fictional car in a comic book.


  2. As gorgeous as the Delahaye is, and similarly styled, I agree with autothreads. The car in the comic is in the likeness of the sharknose. A spectacular representation of style that integrated the functionality of aerodynamic efficiency.