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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Speaking of “disaster” and “catastrophe,” Gazette

The Cognitive Dissonance of Charleston Gazette editorials has greatly amused me over the years.

Here is an example from Friday:

Fiorina’s disastrous business record

Two big-time corporate executives — Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina — star in the GOP presidential race, but one of them has a problem. Fiorina’s business record is generally called a “disaster” and a “catastrophe.”
Hewlett-Packard shareholders lost tens of billions from Fiorina’s troubled tenure as CEO, a stock analyst pointed out on national television Monday night. After she was fired in 2005 — with a $41 million “golden parachute” — she wasn’t rehired by any other firm.
Speaking of disastrous business record, from the State Journal:

PBGC files $1.34 million lien against Charleston Gazette, Daily Mail properties for missing pension plan payment.

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, a U.S. Government Agency, has filed liens against various entities responsible for funding employee pension plans at the Charleston Gazette and Daily Mail.
Liens were filed June 29 in Kanawha County, WV against Charleston Newspapers Holding L.P., Charleston Newspapers, Daily Gazette Publishing Co., Daily Gazette Holding Co., Ridgeview Express Delivery, Abry/Charleston Inc. and G-M Properties after they missed a pension contribution in January.
PBGC spokesman Marc Hopkins said the 7 entities “have legal responsibility for making sure the plan is funded properly, that’s why  they’re named.” Abry/Charleston Inc. had no comment when asked about the situation.
“Liens were filed against those entities because the plan sponsors missed a scheduled pension plan contributions of a million dollars or more,” Hopkins said. “It’s not unique to the Charleston papers. Any plan sponsor that misses contributions of a million dollars or more, we place liens against their pension obligations can be fulfilled.”


  1. Pot Calls Kettle Black! FILM at 11!!

  2. If the Gazette could somehow be shut down, or removed from the Chiltons, it would be a tremendous blessing to West Virginia. Most destructive force in the state's history--anti-business, anti-God, anti-progress, socialist, fact-twisting rag!