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Monday, September 07, 2015

How does a conservative celebrate Labor Day?

By buying a book on capitalism. Without capitalists, no jobs. You were taught in school that John Davison Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and the rest were ruthless robber barons who ran roughshod over competitors to corner markets.

My book tells the true story: They were the opposite of ruthless. They offered better goods and services at lower prices. They treated the customers like kings. For example, at the height of his power, when he controlled 90% of the oil market, Rockefeller was selling kerosene (the chief source of light at night in 1885) for one-third the price from 15 years earlier. He did not drive prices up; he drove them down.

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  1. A non-capitalist observation on labor on this Labor Day.

    Socialism; a speech delivered in Faneuil hall, February 7th, 1903, by Frederic J. Stimson

    "First, what is the best the socialists, in their writings, can offer us? What do the most optimistic of them say? That our subsistence will be guaranteed, while we work; that some of us, the best of us, may earn a surplus above what is actually necessary for our subsistence; and that surplus, like a good child, we may "keep to spend." We may not use it to better our condition, we may not, if a fisherman, buy another boat with it, if a farmer, another field ; we may not invest it, or use it productively ; but we can spend it like the good child, on candy — on something we consume, or waste it, or throw it away.

    "Could not the African slave do as much? In fact, is not this whole position exactly that of the ... slave? He, too, was guaranteed his sustenance; he, too, was allowed to keep and spend the extra money he made by working overtime ; but he was not allowed to better his condition, to engage in trade, to invest it, to change his lot in life. Precisely what makes a slave is that he is allowed no use of productive capital to make wealth on his own account. The only difference is that under socialism, I may not be compelled to labor (I don't even know as to that — socialists differ on the point), actually compelled, by the lash, or any other force than hunger. And the only other difference is that the ... slave was under the orders of one man, while the subject of socialism will be under the orders of a committee of ward heelers. You will say, the slave could not choose his master, tut we shall elect the ward politician. So we do now. Will that help much? Suppose the man with a grievance didn't vote for him ?"

  2. JKB, that speech you quoted was Outstanding! And gets my check mark for Cool.

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