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Friday, September 25, 2015

Even the Muppets cannot survive today's crappy world

The 21st century, now in its 15th year, is ruining everything it touches.

In the 20th century, Bruce Jenner was a heralded male Olympic champion. Now he is a guy in drag.

In the 20th century, the Soviet Union was swept into the dustbin of history. Now Vlad Putin is putting the old band together again.

In the 20th century, popes opposed communism. Now the pope embraces it.

But of all the things the 21st century has had to ruin, the Muppets are the most heart-wrenching.

From the Los Angeles Times:
It is perhaps the most controversial series of the fall television season, a dark reworking of old children's tales in which the world is stood on its head and darkness comes out of the light. I speak of course of The Muppets, which begins Tuesday on ABC. Certainly, if the question is, can you make a dark, slightly depressing series starring the Muppets, the answer, obviously, is yes. Is this an inappropriate use of the characters? I don't know. Is it strange? Certainly.
Remember when the question was IS IT FUNNY?

Apparently not.

From Broadway World:
While the characters are still recognizable versions of those that we love, by striving to make them more "real," they have made many of them less likable. The premise of the show isn't too terribly different from previous Muppet TV incarnations, but with an adult approach, it feels more stressed, more irritating, and ultimately more pedestrian.
One Million Moms called for its cancellation. That may be unnecessary. From Hit Flix:
"I'm not reluctant to show this to my kids because of some of the double-entendres, but because I don't want them to see a version of the Muppets that, for now, is so utterly lacking in joy."
Utterly lacking in joy. Is there any phrase that better describes the 21st century?


  1. Ultimately everything in Libworld is depressing. I'm just surprised (relieved?) they haven't turned Kermit into a gay, dress wearing, trans-species pig called Caitlyn.

  2. I thought the new show was to be on HBO. Jim Henson must be crying in his grave.

  3. The abolition of joy is why "Socialist Workers' Paradises" all come with skyrocketing suicide rates.

  4. All true above....the lib world and worldview is a culture of death and bondage masking as the opposite.

    Who can be ultimately be joyous cut of from God anyway?

  5. The ridiculous part is that the original Muppet Show was not a children's show, but a show that you could share with your children. Like Looney Tunes and other cartoons of the first half of the 20th century, there were comedy that children enjoyed and jokes that soared over their heads and allowed adults to enjoy it also. I have not seen the new incarnation of the Muppet Show, so I cannot comment on it, but if these reviews are indicative then the producers have no clue as to what made the old show hilarious and timeless.