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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Are Jeb donors panicked?

Hmm, from Politico: "Bush donors not panicked."

But, from the London Daily Mail: "Top donors are warning Jeb Bush: Shape up or we'll ship out as deposed front-runner continues to slide in presidential polls."

Which is true?

From Politico:
“Team Bush is not panicked. Trump tried to channel Jeb today on taxes, but he can't get into the weeds. Rubio is expanding the map but has no staff. Cruz is … .well, still Mr. Congealiality. Bottom line, Jeb is the only grownup with money, a message and organization. Time is, as the Stones say, on his side. … Jeb's fundraising prowess is such a threat because he has more serious fundraising surrogates than everyone else on the R side, probably combined.
“43 is a surrogate, Laura Bush is a surrogate, Barbara Bush is a surrogate, Columba Bush is a surrogate, so are Jeb Jr. and George P, plus others, each of whom can swing well north of $50K an event. This is a structural advantage that far outweighs the negative of the Bush name, especially given the reality that the Rs may be running against Clinton Inc, the most formidable money machine in history.”
From the London Daily Mail:
Replaced as the Republican presidential front-runner this summer and now steadily sliding in the polls, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is being lectured by his top donors that he must reverse his ebbing momentum or they will desert his bid for the presidency.
The warnings from Bush's top supporters come in the midst of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's exit from the race and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's rise in the polls.
Ironically, it also comes just as Bush and his political action committee are about to release nearly $8 million in TV ads in critical early states, his campaign tells
Bush was the clear front-runner in the race until this summer, when billionaire Donald Trump barged into the field and started to rocket to the top of poll after poll. Trump still leads the field. 
Meanwhile, Trump leads every poll in Florida, even the Chamber of Commerce's.


  1. The air is clearer over in London coming thisaway. Politico exists in a thick miasma of its very own making.

  2. Many think of this as Bush fatigue. I think it is more like cuckservative fatigue. People on the right are simply tired of the PC police who claim to be conservative, and just continue to retreat at every advance of the left. We want someone who will punch back. Too bad it looks like Trump is the only one willing to do so that has gotten any attention.