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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Why can't the Post-Dispatch acknowledge that Darren Wilson is owed an apology?"

The well-orchestrated staged protests, riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri are an act of terrorism endorsed by the Democratic Party as a distraction to black voters who were swindled by the election of Barack Obama. Of all the racial groups in Ameria, African-Amerians have suffered the worst under the last six years of Democratic Party control of the federal government.

The media continues to portray Police Officer Darren Wilson as an assassin, despite the grand jury vindication of Wilson. All that evidence is part of the public record -- an unusual move for a grand jury investigation. But the Associated Press and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch continue to push this lie that he "murdered" Michael Brown -- a criminal who attacked the officer just as Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman. Same lie. Same media crapola.

Congratulations, Democrats, you have succeeded once again in dividing the nation.

Police officers in Columbia, Missouri, tried to pointout Darren Wilson is the victim. He lost his job because he did his job. He had no choice but to shoot Brown to keep him from attacking others.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Police organization's 'Darren Wilson Day' in Columbia, Mo., sparks protest, criticism."

The story by Doug Moore said:
COLUMBIA, Mo. • A Facebook posting declaring Sunday 'Darren Wilson Day' in this college town brought protesters to the police station on Monday and strong criticism from city leaders.
A post on the Columbia Police Officers Association’s Facebook page, which appeared on the one-year anniversary of the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by white Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson, called Wilson "an innocent, but persecuted, officer."
The post included a message saying that support for Wilson has nothing to do with race. The author of the post said the police union supports Wilson because of "the fact that he was thoroughly investigated ... and found he did NOTHING wrong."
According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, about 20 protesters gathered at noon Monday in front of the Columbia Police Department headquarters at 600 East Walnut Street. City Manager Mike Matthes and police Chief Ken Burton were in attendance.
Fair enough but a few readers are tired of the anti-police bias. From comments:

Joany Smith · R.N. at Belleville Memorial Hospital
I think that it was a good idea. The officer has been vilified for doing his job. The brown family and supporters want everyone to believe that Brown was an innocent little boy " gentle giant". But he was anything but innocent or gentle. If he had gotten the officer's gun then things would have been very different. The officer would have been killed and his family would be left to fend for themselves. I find it offensive for a monument dedicated to a criminal.

Ken Love · St. Charles, Missouri

Jimmy Love · Granite City South
Take it national all police everywhere

Heather Richardson
Why can't the Post Dispatch acknowledge that Darren Wilson is owed an apology?
Becky Weisberger · Harvard University
Michael Wayne Rodgers · Generally musical at Funtime-Green Acres
Becky Weisberger Harvard, huh?
Joe Astor
Becky Weisberger - This kid was doing his job, a job most of us would never do. He was clearly and unambiguously attacked by Michael Brown. And not just attacked, but in a manner that suggested Brown intended to cause significant and material bodily harm to, if not murder, Wilson. No rational person attempts to forcibly take a police officer's gun. Multiple very thorough investingations came to the same conclusion - Darren Wilson's actions were justified given the facts of the circumstances. Nonetheless, media outlets repeatedly pilloried Wilson, even gave out his address and actually shot video of his home CLEARLY putting an innocent man and his family members is physical danger for having done nothing wrong. And you ask WHY the St. Louis Post-Dispatch should apologize? This is the type of behavior that undermines your credibility and exposes your very extreme biases.
Carol Fitzmaurice
If there can be a day to honor a known thug, there certainly can be a day honoring Darren Wilson. There should be such a day. Pick a day and run with it.


  1. All the eyes have been dotted, all the T's crossed. The criminal side a closed issue. Isn't it time to start civil proceedings against George Soros and his little payment companies who passed out his millions to pay many protesters as reported in many articles. There is also the issue of slander and Im sure there is one for aiding and abeting criminals and criminal actions that are documented. Most evident is the destruction of goods and properties that are documented on videos. I would really like to know who those masked men were who came in and stopped or slowed the maheim. Some called them oath keepers. There is so much that would set precedence for future goverment criminal activity and Im not speaking of Police but of the Gov.of Missouri (No ntnl guard activation), US Attorney General Holder and why is inciting a riot the job of an unelected (I dont know what) person known as Al Sharpton? There is a judge that would hear civil suits and adjudge them without bias as the law was intended. Maybe we should wait till Trump is POTUS?

  2. The media has it templates that all news accounts must fit, like a Procrustean bed. Facts that don't fit are not included in the narrative. At least they have stopped referring to Brown as the "Gentle Giant".

  3. Why can't the Post Dispatch-Dispatch acknowledge that Darren Wilson is owed an apology? Because the PD is just another outlet of the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party. Having grown up in St. Louis, I know what a liberal rag the PD is. The LSM is no longer made up of journalists but propagandists. If they were real journalists, Bill Clinton would have had to resign in disgrace, Thunder Rodent Thighs would be shown to be the fake feminist she is, and we would actually know something about Obungler's background. We knew more about Sarah Palin two days after McRINO selected her as his running mate than we'll ever know about Obumbler. When the history of this era is written future historians will marvel that someone with so few qualifications and that no one knew anything about other than he made a speech could be elected president. They will also marvel at the propaganda machine of the Dimocrat Party that masqueraded as news media. It will prolly be compared to Goebbels propaganda machine and be judged far superior.

  4. That may be part of it but I think another reason is fear. They are afraid of what protesters will do to them and their property.


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