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Monday, August 24, 2015

Um, it is not Trump who is alienating people

The spin is that Donald Trump cannot be elected because he alienates people.

The reality is the Republican Party leadership is the problem. His supporters -- already one in four Republican voters -- already are alienated by the Republican Party.

Their grievances are many and they go unheard.

In 2008, they went along with a RINO named John McCain as teh presidential nominee, who not only lost but stood by idly while his campaign manager destroyed Sarah Palin with the help of a willing press.

In 2010, they elected a Republican House to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

In 2012, they went along with a moderate named Mitt Romney, who lost.

In 2014, they elected a Republican Senate, which still didn't repeal Obamacare, has done nothing to protect the border, allows veterans to die waiting in line at the VA, and is about to let Iran have nukes.

The Animas River in Colorado is orange. Where are the anti-EPA Republicans to force this to be national news?

The president had a great summer. And instead of working with Trump voters, Republicans are trying to silence them. Trump is fighting back.

From Breitbart:
Sunday night Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski, lambasted the GOP establishment consultant class, when he joined Breitbart’s senior political investigative reporter Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot radio, channel 125.
Lewandowski explained that what most infuriates the establishment consultants is they don’t have any say in Trump’s campaign or platform. “It drives them crazy. They want to say ‘I’ve run a campaign in the past. Pay me for my knowledge. I’ve been involved with previously failed presidential campaigns,’” he said.
With Trump “That’s not how his campaign works,” added Lewandowski. “We don’t want these consultants who talk about the glory old days of races they were involved with that weren’t successful. Anything that they can do to try and control Mr. Trump does not work.”
The Massachusetts native, who earned a Masters in Political Sciences from American University, told Breitbart Sunday listeners that ‘Time and time again they have said, ‘Trump won’t run. He won’t file the paperwork. He won’t fill out his personal financial disclosure statement. He won’t be a factor in the race. And every time, everyone of these pundits have been wrong. And they continue to be wrong.”
Washington has become the City of Socialists. Republicans need to get their act together or die as a party.

Their choice, not mine.


  1. Mark Steyn has characterized the Republican Party under its current leadership as "the Party of Why Nothing Can Be Done", meaning that they always have an excuse for not being able to act. Read it here:

  2. The Republican Party is pretty much dead to me already. I could vote for either of a couple of the current crop of presidential candidates, and have contributed money to their campaigns, but the zombies with blessings from the RNC are not on my list of preferred nominees. Republican Party, Dead Man Walking?

  3. I would vote for Trump before I would vote for boner or mcconnell, or mccain.

  4. The DC establishment republicans are in agreement with their liberal counterparty simply because they are bought and paid for the power players such as Wall Street and Chamber of Commerce among others.
    These power players want the flooding by illegal border jumpers and replacing the American workers simply because they can pay them less.
    There are no more than a handful of true conservatives in DC and even they are being smeared by their own party members.
    Trump speaks for millions of americans and addressing the anger and frustration many of us feel being bamboozled time and time again; being promised one thing only to do contrary what they promised while running for office.

    Trump is beholden to no one nor does he get millions of dollars using 'fake' PAC's established by these same power players.

    No matter what they call us - we are no longer being fooled by these fake politicians because 'enough is enough'!

  5. Been saying this for years. Glad you Rs are coming to realization also. We don't have two parties in this country (Haven't had one in a long while), we have one. The Party of Wall Street. Both parties say what you want to hear in order to get elected. This Surber post is proof positive. But let's elect Trump because he is Mr. Ordinary Guy. And of course, he won't alienate people even if he calls Megyn Kelly a "bimbo."

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