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Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Trump's favorable number is at 61 percent and his unfavorable at 35 percent."

The Washington Establishment woke up this morning with a collective migraine. Chris Cillizza reported in the Washington Post on the Des Moines Register's new Iowa Poll released last night: "Trump's favorable number is at 61 percent and his unfavorable at 35 percent."

What is wrong with you people?

Don't you know he is old and senile and just a tool for General Electric who will geet us in a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

Oh wait.

That is what the Washington Establishment said about Ronald Reagan.

Here is what Cillizza said about Trump:
In May, when the Register last polled, 27 percent of likely Iowa GOP caucus-goers viewed Trump favorably while 63 percent regarded him unfavorably. In the new poll, which was released Saturday night, Trump's favorable number is at 61 percent and his unfavorable at 35 percent.
Let me put it another way: W-H-A-T???
Numbers just don't reverse themselves like that in the space of a few months (or ever). Especially when the politician in question is totally known by the electorate. Once you are both totally known and broadly disliked — as Trump was in May both in Iowa and everywhere else — you are doomed. One hundred times out of one hundred.
That's why I was SO certain of Trump's inability to matter at all in the 2016 race when he, somewhat stunningly, decided to enter it 70-odd days ago. In the almost 20 years — gulp — I have spent following politics closer than close, I've never seen anything like the total reversal in how Trump is perceived by Republican voters. It is, quite literally, unprecedented.
Trump did it by running against the media.

Keep piling it on.

You will elect him.


  1. The media despises us. Turnabout, fair play, all that.

  2. He fights, which is something McRINO and Mittens didn't do. Why do Republicans listen to consultants who are experts at losing elections?