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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thank you, Jorge Ramos, for pointing out why we need a closed border

Jorge Ramos, a Mexican anchorman, interrupted Donald Trump's press conference on Mondaay night. The Los Angeles Times, which has lost hundreds of thousands of English-reading subscribers, sucked up to Spanish readers with the headline in an editorial-disguised-as-a-news-story, "In Jorge Ramos, Donald Trump may have picked the wrong media star to tussle with."

I believe that it is Jorge Ramos and the proponents of turning the United States into Mexico's welfare garden who lost this battle. Ramos made a horse's ass of himself by interrupting an actual reporter who was asking a question. And Jorge Ramos picked the wrong media star to tussle with. Trump does not care what his critics think.

From the Los Angeles Times:
"Spanish-language news has almost the same pull as the priest in the pulpit," Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles), told the Los Angeles Times in 2013. "And Jorge Ramos is the pope, he's the big kahuna."
Ramos has a lot of followers: according to Nielsen ratings, more than 2 million viewers tune in to “Noticiero Univision” nightly. For perspective, in 2013, that was three times the audience of CNN’s “The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer.”
To put that in actual perspective Bill O'Reilly pulls down twice as many American viewers as Jorge Ramos.
A native of Mexico City, Ramos moved to Los Angeles as a student in 1983 and took UCLA Extension classes in journalism. He landed an on-air job at KMEX-TV, Los Angeles’ Spanish-language station. Three years later, he was named an anchor for Univision, becoming one of the youngest national news anchors in television.
Ramos has consistently used his position to unabashedly push for immigration reform.
"I am emotionally linked to this issue," Ramos told The Times in 2013. "Because once you are an immigrant, you never forget that you are one."
He is not an immigrant. He is a Democrat who wants to confuse real immigration for border jumping. The millions of illegal aliens -- and yes, people are illegal; murderers are illegal killers -- include drug kingpins, murderers, rapists,  and racists who hate white people.

Mexico has the strictest immigration laws this side of North Korea. Let Mexico open its borders first.

But Ramos did Trump a big favor. He was rude and crude, and acted as if he were entitled to interrupt anyone and say anything he wanted. If he is the Big Kahuna of illegal aliens, then they are not people we want.

California may wish too be part of Mexico but the other 49 states do not. Trump knows this. That is why he is winning the hearts of more and more Americans. If that costs him the hearts of Mexicans, too damned bad.


  1. What got left out of
    "Mexico has the strictest immigration laws this side of North Korea. Let Mexico"

  2. We should adopt Mexico's immigration laws just like we should adopt Saudi Arabia's religious toleration laws. It is a crime to have a Bible in Saudi Arabia. Make it a crime to own a Koran here. Tolerance should be a two way street.

  3. What makes journalists think they have to be so involved in a story? It's as if they are running the country, as an elite group of leaders...

  4. Give Cali to Mexico, although that might be considered an act of war.