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Monday, August 31, 2015

Illegal alien carjacks again and again

We live in a land where the EPA turns rivers into an orange toxic goo of arsenic and other heavy metals, and no one cares -- and a land where Guaymar Cabrera-Hernandez can hop the border, carjack, get out of jail, and carjack again.

And if you point out that is wrong, you will be condemned as racist by Jorge Ramos of Univision, the self-appointed arbiter of race.

From Fox News:
A man caught by D.C. police after carjacking a woman in the Sibley Hospital parking lot on Wednesday is an illegal immigrant who had already been deported once. He also carjacked another woman earlier in the week in Potomac, Maryland minutes after getting out of jail.
On Monday, Guaymar Cabrera-Hernandez was released from the Montgomery County Detention Center where he has been since June. The charges against him for that arrest are unclear. He then showed up at an Islamic education center in Potomac and violently carjacked a 38-year-old woman.
“He was standing at the driver side door -- her window was down -- holding a knife in one hand and a brick in the other hand,” said Officer Rick Goodale, a Montgomery County Police Department spokesperson. “He reached in and put the knife to her neck in the car. He told her to get out of the car. She complied. Then he threw the brick at her.”
Police had hunch about the suspect because the Montgomery County Detention Center is nearby. Officer Goodale said officers went to the detention center and were told that Cabrera-Hernandez had been released just a half hour prior to the police receiving the call for the carjacking.
Cabrera-Hernandez had the victim’s car for Monday and Tuesday. He reappeared on Monday morning at the above-ground parking lot at the Sibley Hospital Medical Office Building.
The 68-year-old victim had just parked her Honda CRV on the fourth floor when Cabrera-Hernandez approached on the driver’s side. Her keys were still in the ignition. He brandished a green bottle and said to her, “Give me your keys.”
He then ran around the back of the car, according to court documents, and got into her car by the unlocked passenger side. He hit her on the arm with the bottle. The two struggled, and the elderly woman told police that he threw the bottle at her, and it went out the driver side window. She was then able to escape the car.
NBC identified this illegal alien as "a Maryland man."

NBC and Univision are corporate siblings.