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Monday, August 10, 2015

EPA pollutes a river

A mine in Colorado has turned a river orange with its pollution. Time to call in the EPA.

Oh wait, the EPA did this. Investors Business Daily reported: "EPA Pollutes River, Fails To Notify New Mexico."

For ordinary citizens, this would be go too jail stuff. But the bureaucracy goes rolling along.

From IBD:
Imagine if a business dumped a million gallons of mine waste into Animas River in Colorado, turning it into what looked like Tang, forcing the sheriff's office to close the river to recreational users, and prompting the EPA to warn farmers to shut off water intakes along the river.
Oh, and imagine that the business also failed to warn officials in downstream New Mexico about the spill.
Such a calamity would probably lead the nightly news, with calls from environmentalists and the EPA for investigations, fines, lawsuits, and tougher pollution controls.
Except in this case it's the EPA itself that is to blame.
Ironically, the EPA was investigating pollution from the long-ago abandoned Gold King Mine, which is located about 80 miles north of New Mexico. The EPA was apparently trying to clean up the waste water, but instead managed to burst a plug holding it in, thereby releasing slug that contained zinc, iron, copper and other heavy metals.
But the EPA was being rather vague about what was actually in the discharge, saying it contained "sediment and minerals flowing as an orange-colored discharge."
West Virginians know from experience that this damage will take years to clean up. Instead of more power, we need to rein these fools in. The Democratic Party's EPA wants to take control of every puddle and stream in America.

Lord, please stop these madmen before they poison us.


  1. When I am President I will furlough 90% of the epa and 95% of the dept of education and rescind all rules, regulations and executive orders issued within the last 10 years. And, I'll do it transparently!

  2. Why stop at 90% and 95%? Eliminate both bureaucracies. And while you're at at, get rid of the Department of Energy. Do you know why it was created in the first place? It was created by Jimmah Carter to make us energy independent. How did that work out? We are finally almost there not because of the DOE, but in spite of it. And if Obungler, the EPA, and the Dimocrats had their way, they would ban the process, fracking, that is creating our energy independence and making us the largest producer of oil in the world.

  3. "Lord, please stop these madmen before they poison us."

    In the case of Colorado, too late!

  4. Tar, feathers, and a swim downstream.

  5. If Joe Doakes Company did it, they wouldn't get any supplemental funding. Have the cleanup costs come out of the EPA's current budget. No supplementary funding from Congress. No cross-leveling of accounts from other agencies or departments. Might have to slow down on other projects; might have to let some people go. Bummers.

  6. President Obama is essentially telling EPA Chief Gina McCarthy: "You're doing a heck of a job!"