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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Clump of cells?

The Centers for Medical Progress videos show Planned Parenthood profits from selling baby parts (you don't negotiate prices if you are covering costs). The videos offer not change, but hope. The videos will not change the hearts of abortion supporters -- for now. Some will say, well, maybe the aborted baby's parts will save a life. But the videos offer hope to the anti-abortion crowd that Planned Parenthood will lose its funding and perhaps its tax-exempt status.

The videos remind people that we abort babies, not clumps of cells. Last August Judy Dutton wrote, "7 Things Babies Do in the Womb That'll Blow Your Mind." I have no idea if she is pro-life or pro-choice. But she makes the point that what is in the womb is a baby.

From Judy Dutton:
1. They develop tastes for certain foods.
2. They react to stress.
3. They practice facial expressions.
4. They cry. Silently.
5. They recognize nursery rhymes.
6. They also recognize songs.
7. They anticipate touch. 
In other words, they live.


  1. Fourth undercover Planned Parenthood video drops. Note it's datelined "Denver" so perhaps they do not believe they are in contempt of the LA superior court's TRO.

    WARNING: This contains disturbing imagery, starting at 8:40 in the video, with the technician chortling, “And another boy!”

    Also see in The Federalist:

    8 Shocking Moments From 4th Planned Parenthood Video
    In latest video, Planned Parenthood staff exclaim "It's a baby" as they dissect a young boy for parts for sale.

  2. PP is an ugly stain on humanity. (I am refraining from saying things that might invoke Godwin's Law.)

    1. Screw Godwin's Law. Under it we would lose the argument if we called Hitler a Nazi

  3. Let's call it what it is, the Abortion Holocaust. "Never Again" has become meaningless in the face of our immoral betrayal of the next generation.

  4. Just what is the difference between these PP ghouls harvesting murdered babies' organs and selling them for research than Mengele's research on Jews? Go ahead. Declare Godwin's Law. I dare you! What these people are doing should not be done in a civilized society. "Partial birth" abortion is infanticide. It shows just how far this nation has descended as a result of liberalism.

    I truly do not recognize the country I grew up in. That we could elect an unqualified man, who hates everything this country once stood for, to the highest office in the land not once, but twice does not say much for the electorate and for the future of this once great nation.

    That we have a political party that wanted to lose the Cold War and is showing that it wants to lose the war against Islam (make no mistake, we are at war with Islam, Islam knows it and re refuse to believe it) and doesn't really care if Iran gets a nuke doesn't say much for the future of this country either. I only give the Republic another twenty to forty years before it devolves into a socialist dictatorship. Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade is showing a future president just how easy it will be with a complicit Supreme Court intent on rewriting the Constitution and a spineless opposition party. The only force that could stop the future dictator would be the military and it is being corrupted right before our eyes. For those who know their Roman history, we are somewhere between Sulla and Caesar.