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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why the press needs veterans

This is painful:
In a story June 6 about a shootout involving bikers in Waco, The Associated Press reported erroneously that witnesses said the sound of semi-automatic gunfire dominated the shootout. They said the shootout was dominated by what sounded like short bursts of automatic gunfire. The AP also erroneously reported that a semi-automatic weapon can shoot more bullets in less time than a small-caliber weapon. The story should have said that an automatic weapon can fire multiple rounds more quickly than a semi-automatic weapon.
When I was a cub reporter, everyone on the copy desk was a military veteran. When I left the game nearly 40 years later, I was the only vet in the room.


  1. Ain't like they seem overly worried about getting the story straight, only getting the slant to fit the narrative.

  2. Agree with JP. Ignorance, multiplied by "don't care", becomes very, very large.

  3. "... I was the only vet in the room."
    The place had gone to the dogs.