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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Thoughts on Dylann Storm Roof

Dylann Storm Roof is a murderer for whom there is no redemption in this life. Whatever humanity is left in him is no worth the risk to spare him. I see no need to imprison him for life. As Gary Mark Gilmore said at his execution on January 17, 1977, "Let's do it."

Some people have criticized President Obama for politicizing the murder of nine black congregation members and a pastor at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina. I prefer to listen. Yes, he is wrong when he says that we are the only nation with mass murders. And yes, he is wrong to blame guns. But he is the president and deserves our respect.

Other people blame mental illness. Matt Drudge is particularly hard on the prescription medications Roof used. But just as guns don't kill, drugs do not either. Instead of stereotyping mentally ill people as crazed killers, let us look with our hearts -- and our heads. Suicides now top 40,000 a year according to teh CDC. That is four to five times the rate of other homicides depending on whether one believes the FBI statistics or the CDC.

We need to pray for guidance as a nation. Yes, other nations suffer mass murders as well. But we are America; we can do better.

We also need to execute Roof and other mass murderers.


  1. Howzabout he gets locked up for life and fed a vegan diet? (Damn, I'm bad.)

  2. He can be saved by Jesus, and sent to Him by the state of South Carolina.
    God's forgiveness is beyond our understanding.
    We pray for justice on Earth, mercy from God.
    The first is rare, the second is necessary for all us sinners.
    For what we have done and left undone.