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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Raisin case shows the futility of the courts

While libertarians pat themselves on the back over the U.S. Supreme Court victory in Horne v. Department of Agriculture, in which a grape grower no longer has to give the government up to 47% of his raisins, I say so what?

If anything, the ruling confirms that federal officials can ignore the Constitution with impunity.

Justices were dealing with a 1937 law -- a law that has been unconstitutional for 78 years.

From his grave, Franklin Delano Roosevelt laughs in your face, America. He changed the nation into a socialist state in which the government sets farm prices for the benefit of a few rich people whose money is in tax-exempt

From the Associated Press:
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a 66-year-old* program that lets the government take raisins away from farmers to help reduce supply and boost market prices is unconstitutional.
In an 8-1 ruling, the justices said forcing raisin growers to give up part of their annual crop without full payment is an illegal confiscation of private property.
The ruling is a victory for California farmers Marvin and Laura Horne, who claimed they were losing money under a 1940s-era program they call outdated and ineffective. They were fined $695,000 for trying to get around the program.
A federal appeals court said the program was acceptable because the farmers benefited from higher market prices and didn't lose the entire value of their crop.
The government argued that the Hornes benefited from increased raisin prices, but their cause had won wide support from conservative groups opposed to government action that infringes on private property rights.
The message to Barack Obama is clear. Do what you want. It will be 68 years before anyone at teh Supreme Court notices.

*The law dates back to 1937, 78 years ago.


  1. And you have a group of spineless Republicans who are afraid of you and the current Supreme Court already gave the OK to your unconstitutional health care law.

    1. Invertebrates are running our country.
      The Third Party could be called the Vertebrate Party, a Party with a backbone. RINO's need not apply.