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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rachel Dolezal shows the NAACP jumped the shark

Thank you, Rachel Dolezal, for showing how far the country has come racially. Black people no longer are passing as white people; white people are passing for black. That is a sign that being black is a bigger advantage than being white. She is not alone. Ben Jealous, the former president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. His skin is lighter than hers yet he embraced his black heritage, and not his white.

Dolezal claimed to be black and became not only the president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP but a college professor, teaching African-American Studies. She also called police in a series of racial hoaxes. Her parents say she has mental problems. I say she has a tanning bed.

The NAACP has defended her and jumped the shark in the process.

Conservatives are enjoying this farce, calling her transracial in the way Bruce Jenner says he is transsexual. However, just as his chromosomes are male, just as her genes are white.

Dolezal shows it is time to end this charade of oppression. Yes, there is racism in this country. A lot of it. However, racism is a two-way street. The opportunities are equal. Maybe not the outcomes; the black community is way too tolerant of crime, worrying more about the black murderers in prison than their black victims in the cemeteries. Just about every minority in this country has had to overcome a criminal element. Italians had their gangs of criminals, as did the Jews, the Irish, and every other ethnic or racial group. But teh road to equality in America is not following the criminal path but the one that is based on hard work, enterprise, and education.

So thank you Rachel Dolezal for lifting the curtain on the black race baiters


  1. Rachel Dolezal is neither white nor black:

  2. Amazing what shticks people will come up with for power and money to avoid actually having to do anything productive. I'm sure she'll have her own reality show on shortly.

  3. If Bruce Jenner can declare himself a woman, and people are okay with that, then who am I to say that Rachel Dolezal is not African-American? This question regarding identity is not for mere mortals like myself to decide. It behooves the Supreme Court to provide us the answer. There are, after all, so many thorny legal questions this raises. If Rachel Dolezal declares herself black, is she entitled to the benefits of Affirmative Action, for example? Let the Court seek an answer from among the various emanations and penumbras in the Constitution and let it announce its decision from on high. I wait.

    1. I read elsewhere that she sued Howard University some years back for discriminating against her because she was white.

  4. Steve Martin:"I was born a poor black child".

    If Dolezal is black, I am Batman.

  5. Look up the head of the St. Louis chapter of the Urban League, last name McMillan. Another one of those whitest black men in the universe types.