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Monday, June 01, 2015

High school cruises to Cuba?

The privileged sons and daughters of liberal millionaires apparently are living like 1950s mobsters as they take cruises to Cuba for strippers, cigars and booze. The very things my socialist professors in college accused the corrupt Batista regime of doing -- and they likely were correct -- the Brothers Castro appear to be doing.

The New York Post reported on one such cruise involving the prep-school son of a rock star.

From the New York Post:
Jon Bon Jovi’s son partied like a rock star in Cuba — and his prep-school pal posted the photos to prove it.
Social-media shots appear to show Jesse Bongiovi and his best friend from the posh Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn puffing away on stogies and soaking up the rays from rooftop patios overlooking the Caribbean — a trip in which the teens were plied with booze, cigars and a hooker on the Brooklyn school’s dime, according to a lawsuit.
“First night in paradise #cuba,” Sebastian Andersen wrote in a blurry Instagram post of him and best bud Bongiovi lighting up inside a restaurant during the December 2012 trip.
Other images show rooftop balconies, a box full of Cuban cigars and a large oceanfront pool.
“Just my penthouse for the next week in Cuba #thegoodlife,” Andersen boasted.
Poly Prep development director Steven Andersen, Sebastian’s father, claimed to be building an exchange program with Cuba for the Poly Prep wrestling team as justification for the alleged debauchery-filled trip, according to court papers.
The newspaper seemed to miss the point; we are not supposed to allow Americans to party in Cuba.

This needs a thorough examination. Who in the State Department authorized this and how much did the Clinton Foundation charge to look the other way?


  1. At least in the fifties there was private property in Cuba. The dictators now are much worse.

  2. Kids from wealthy 1% families do feel entitled.

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