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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Global warming, an official religion

Pope Francis is going all in on global warming, which makes sense since it has only been in the past few years that the church got around to apologizing to Galileo. Despite centuries of Catholic scientists, including Copernicus, the Church does better on matters of faith -- which is what global warming is.

From National Journal:
An Italian magazine has leaked a draft of Pope Francis's anticipated encyclical on climate change, which says global warming is a threat to the world's poor and calls on governments to work together to solve the problem.
A 192-page Italian-language version of the encyclical, set to be released Thursday, was leaked by L'Espresso. An official statement from the Vatican says the document does not represent the final text, and a spokesman told Bloomberg that the leak was a "heinous act."
The document, titled "Laudato Sii," is meant to influence the United Nations climate talks in Paris at the end of the year, but is expected to also make waves in the national debate about climate change. Green groups and the faith community are calling it potentially one of the most influential documents on climate change, while skeptics have been quick to dismiss the potential impact.
Liberals are gushing.

Does this mean they will oppose abortion, gay marriage and artificial birth control now?


  1. Does this mean they will oppose abortion, gay marriage and artificial birth control now?

    Of. Course. Not. They only praise what they already want.

  2. The religion is settled! Liberals have taken global warming on faith for years. Now that the Pope has spoken, it's official. The Eastern Orthodox Church, as the true keeper of the faith, is getting to look better and better with each passing century.

  3. This is interesting, but I'm going to wait until it officially comes out before I pass judgement on it.
    This smells too much like it was produced in the rumor mill right now. As a fellow former military guy, I hope you understand.
    Also, if you haven't already it might be educational to look at L'Espresso for yourself:
    For what it is worth, I found it educational anyway.