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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

West Virginia: 8th most expensive pot in the nation

I was going to say West Virginia has the eighth highest marijuana prices but at $359 an ounce, not many people can afford to get high, can they?

Big debate over legalizing pot in order to drive down the price by driving up the supply as the demand is already there. From Zero Hedge:
Want cheap weed? Don't go to North Dakota, where you'll pay nearly $400 an ounce. You're far better off in Orgeon where the going rate is just $204. And while some evidence indicates that the tax-related markup on legal, recreational marijuana has driven buyers back into the black market, the average price per ounce looks to support the idea that legalization drives down prices. 
The Zero Hedge site cited a New York Times report:
Dispensary owners who once feared raids by drug enforcement agents say they take pride in paying taxes like any other business. They say it brings them out of the shadows and distinguishes them from the black market. Marijuana advocates trumpet tax-collection numbers to show that the industry is pouring millions of dollars into state budgets. 
“It is the last domino that has to fall for us to be treated like any other business in the country,” said Tim Cullen, a co-owner of five marijuana shops in Colorado. “We’re not a black-market cocaine dealer. We’re totally on board and on the level. We’d like to be treated as such.”
A normal business, for example, might pay a 30 percent federal rate on its taxable income, which would represent its gross income minus deductible business expenses. A marijuana business, on the other hand, might pay the same federal rate on all of its gross income because it cannot take these deductions. The difference can raise the rate on a marijuana business to 70 percent or more of its profits.
Me? Never had it, never will. I am curious as to why the pot heads do't just sue and have marijuana declared a right like the left does with everything else.

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  1. The price of legal pot increases the demand for illegal pot. Probably at $5 less than the legal (not gonna GIVE it away)..