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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Stephanopoulos made the Clinton Foundation dirty

The apology by George Stephanopoulos for donating to the Clinton Foundation did what no amount of complaints by moderates, conservatives and anti-Clinton liberals could do. It made the Clinton Foundation dirty money in the public eye. He would not have to apologize for donating to the Red Cross or any real charity.
Conservatives are at a disadvantage when it come to politics because we know the facts. We knew Hands Up was a lie. We knew we couldn't keep our doctors. We know world temperatures are not near the records set in the 1930s, the 11th century or the dawn of the Roman empire. But the truth is no weapon against the onslaught of lies that shape American domestic policies.

Liberals lie and they become facts. Harry Reid made up a lie and said Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes. After the election, Reid admitted it, but no one in the press is demanding Democrats disassociate themselves with the liar.

So how do you show that the Clinton Foundation is a tax-exempt corporation that launders bribes from foreign dictators while financing illegally the stealth Clintonian campaign? It's too complicated to sum up in two words. But thanks to a too clever by half Bill Clinton, we have those two words: George Stephanopoulos.

First, George Stephanopoulos interviewed the fellow who wrote the expose of the Clinton Foundation.

Next, George Stephanopoulos interviewed Bill.

What could go wrong?

That was clever. Here's the by half.

The Washington Free Beacon asked about the George Stephanopoulos donation. Instead of answering the little-known conservative publication directly, the Clintonians released the information to Politico. They thought they got spin. Instead they got a legitimization of the story. A story that would ordinarily have led to News Busters wondering why no one was covering it is now a national scandal.

And the Clinton Foundation is now dirty money. How dirty? Judy Woodruff of PBS just admitted she, too, gave.

Thanks you, George Stephanopoulos. You made Clinton money dirty.


  1. The Clinton Foundation is not a charity; it is a laundry.

  2. 'Twas the Free Beacon ( that first inquired about Snufflelopous' contributions, not the Washington Examiner. And ABC News PR now has some egg on their face for running to Politico to get the favorable spin. Eric Wemple at WaPo says he's going to keep following up on that story until ABC News explains how/why they stuffed Free Beacon's scoop.

  3. Geraldo Rivera just pointed out that ABC fired him for donating $200 to a friend's political campaign. Will ABC fire Stephie? Are you kidding? After all, ABC, along with the rest of the LSM is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party. Disgusting and disgraceful. Goebbels would be proud.

  4. I work with people who "like" George S. I can't stand the little Clinton enabler, but realize the low info voter goes with likability, not honesty or character. Expect him spouting off on the 2016 election for the next 18 months. And LIV's will be fooled by him.