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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Simpsons fire envious Mr. Burns

After 26 years, voice actor Harry Shearer is leaving "The Simpsons" in a contract dispute. The mega-millionaire who was getting $300,000 an episode (or $25,000 less than Sofia Vergara on "Modern Family") has a net worth of $65 million. His departure can be summed up in one word -- envy.

Despite all his money, the $6.6 million a year he took in from this show alone, the guy is envious that others make more. In 2011, he wrote:
“As a member of the Simpsons cast for 23 years, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve had a great run and no one should feel sorry for any of us, but given how much joy the show has given so many people over the years — and given how many billions of dollars in profits News Corp. has earned and will earn from it — I find it hard to believe that this is Fox’s final word on the subject.
“At least I certainly hope it isn't, because the alternative is to cancel the show or fire me for having the gall to try to save the show by helping Fox with its new business model. Neither would be a fair result — either to those of us who have committed so many years to the show or to its loyal fans who make our effort worthwhile.”
So he is sitting on a wad of money and he still isn't happy.

He wasn't happy a few years ago when he led a strike that led to reduced pay for his fellow voice actors.

Compare that to the attitude of Adriana Caselotti, who not only was the voice of Snow White, but its model. She received $970 for her work. She made $14,000 from her work, including personal appearances. It also precluded, at the request of Walt Disney, any acting career for her, including voice work as he did not want her to spoil the voice in the film.

She was happy to do it. She told People magazine: "Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn't been Snow White. Because of it I live in a dreamworld. I'm not crazy. I'm doing it by choice. To me, Snow White is very special. I view her as my trust. And no matter what the people at Disney say, I'm the only Snow White. They can ignore me if they want to, but I'm telling you — that film would not have been the magic film it turned out to be without my voice. I was the first girl that Walt Disney and [music director] Frank Churchill auditioned. Walt told Frank: 'I don't believe it! We found Snow White on the first try!' He tested 148 other girls over the course of the next year, but he knew that I was the one he was looking for. So he called me back, and that was that."

Money cannot buy happiness. Not even for $65 million.

Envy is a Deadly Sin for a reason.

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