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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Scott Walker upsets liberals

Liberals are alarmed. Scott Walker decried poverty pimps and wants -- Holy Cow -- government to protect individual civil liberties, instead of steamrolling our right in the name of some boutique special interest group.

“I think government needs to do more to give people freedom back, and I think that’s true across the board, but particularly on this topic in that I think for too long — and I’ll say this, this is a fairly aggressive term — but I think there are too many poverty pimps in our society. Too many government officials who rely on poverty as a way, a means of political control, too many community-based organizations who rely on their existence by perpetuating the cycle of dependency,” Scott Walker said.

In 2008.

That's correct, Buzz Feed dragged out a 2008 quote to degrade him. Actually, his words resonate more today than in 2008.

Ferguson. Baltimore. Et cetera.

Liberal Lawyer Cara Creager was all full of condescension as she decried his call for liberty:
If you want me to "live my own destiny," how about not defunding services for disabled adults. How about working to reduce stigma against autistics so that prospective employers don't either accuse me of lying about my diagnosis or make it so I have to hide it or not even be considered? How about you stop using my generation as some kind of bullshit prop for your inefficiency? How about you be honest about the fact that a B.A. is worthless nowadays unless it's in computer science, that student loans are indentured servitude, and that you claim to praise intellect, but not if it's in a disabled body?
I could "live my own destiny" if you didn't put 200 extra pounds of weight on my back from the minute I graduated school. I have trouble walking some days, Governor Walker, but I can still safely say I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire
Of course, she did live her destiny. She didn't become a welfare lifer.

And on it goes. The liberal mockery of human decency, human rights, and humanity itself as liberals try to cubbyhole people into lives they would never dream of living.


  1. "I'm fat, unattractive, repugnant, & lazy, and it's NOT MY FAULT!

    Now, pass me some Cheetos- I've got sheisseporn to watch."

    /Creager's screed is in the comments at the Buzzfeed article.

  2. She doesn't, and almost certainly can't and won't see that that "200 pounds" got put there by the Left. Not Mr. Scott. He did not do that.

  3. "How about you be honest about the fact that a B.A. is worthless nowadays unless it's in computer science, that student loans are indentured servitude, "

    She's so stupid she's bitching at the wrong guy. Walker left college without a degree because, apparently, he figured a BA was not worth it to him. Instead, he left school, took a job, and started his career without that worthless sheepskin. It's the liberals who claim a college degree is absolutely necessary, which then leads naive college students to saddle themselves with enormous debt for a crummy college education provided by liberal college professors. If she's got a complaint, she should direct it at the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.