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Friday, May 29, 2015

Kick McCain out

I am glad John McCain is seeking another term. It gives Republicans in Arizona a chance to kick him out of the Senate. The Tea Party candidate is Congressman Matt Salmon.

McCain has his good days, but he is a leftover from disco. Principles don't change but you need a fresh idea or two every century.
From National Journal:
If Salmon runs, it would begin what would likely be the election cycle's most closely watched primary, pitting the former GOP presidential nominee against a sitting lawmaker with the strong support of local and national conservative groups. Adding to the intrigue is that either McCain or Salmon could face a difficult foe in the general election, after Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick surprisingly announced this week that she would run for Senate.
The New York Times this week identified Kirkpatrick as McCain's first "seasoned Democratic challenger" in his five Senate reelection bids, potentially setting him up against both his toughest Democratic opponent and primary challenger yet, at the same time.
So Democrats are salivating over a Tea Party nomination.

Just like Mike Lee in Utah.

Oops, he won.


  1. Even Barry Goldwater eventually took the hint that it was time to ride off into the sunset. I doubt that McCain's ego will allow that.

  2. People who know they have led successful careers also intuit when it's time for them to leave in order to make room for their replacements. It's the failures whose egos are bigger than their accomplishments who refuse to let go.